Semester 201720181


12/09/2017: The new registration for subject Industrial Control Technology SEE4313 is closed due to a large number of students in the class. I would like to apologize to all student who have intention to join the class especially for those students from SKEE/SKEM program. thank you

25/10/17 : Place: Bilik DEMO P16: 4.00pm-5.00pm (1 Hour)


Note's & assignment

15/09/2017: Assignment groups and problem to solve. please check Here!!

18/09/2017: CHAPTER 1-pdf file Here

04/10/2017: CHAPTER 1a_process control-pdf file Here

12/10/2017: CHAPTER 2-pdf file Here

18/10/2017: CHAPTER 3-pdf file Here

21/10/2017: CHAPTER 4-pdf file Here

                    CHAPTER 4_PLC file Here

                    CHAPTER 4_extra file Here

28/10/2017: CHAPTER 5-pdf file Here

29/11/2017: CHAPTER 5a-pdf file Here

20/12/2017: CHAPTER PID-pdf file Here

20/01/2017: CHAPTER PID-pdf2 file Here